Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Day After

When a soldier was shot outside of Parliament yesterday, I had quite a few reactions that came up within me throughout the day. I had heard the news and immediately perked up; this was something significant. My co-worker showed me the video and I watched with awe as the guards chased down their man. What in the world had just happened? We kept our ears peeled to the news and I continued to follow the story when I got home.

After getting the full scoop, realizing that it was a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist, and also learning that it was the second one that had happened in the same week, my first reaction was that of an uneasy fear that our country would become more like the United States. In many ways I know this will be unavoidable and necessary, as tightened security and a heightened urgency regarding the war on terror are the obvious follow-throughs in response to an attack on the home front. My other fear was that we may fall prey to becoming more racist and discriminating toward our neighbours who exhibit the faintest signs of looking Middle Eastern or Muslim. I pray that this does not happen, but I anticipate some form of it to surface that I will have to meet with a head of clear conscious and keen discernment.

Another reaction I had was that of an utter sadness. It had been developing ever since I heard that Canadians were joining up with ISIL. People from this great and wonderful country of ours were being duped to join these forces of evil and savagery; I could hardly contain myself with the thought of that. This country is full of respectable, civilized, brilliant, funny, lovely and absolutely amazing people. The very thought that such a thing could take place in our nation pained me in the heart and enraged me entirely. Apparently the rest of us have a great job to do in informing those others who may be duped that this group of power-hungry tyrants is a complete gong show of brainwashed delusions and an utter blasphemy to the very religion they claim to fight for.

Lastly, I became more determined to somehow help out and possibly get my application to the Canadian Forces underway. It is currently on hold because of debts that I owe, but I am adamant to somehow get that cleared up soon. I am also eager to write more about my opinions on the matter, since during the day I wrestle with many opinions that enter my mind that are under constant scrutiny. Writing out my thoughts and feelings on these matters solidifies my positions and makes it easier for me to convey exactly what I think on different matters. I would encourage many of you to do the same, and to take part in positive discussions that reinforce our values and virtues regarding the discouraging things that happen in the world.

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