Thursday, September 04, 2014

ISIS' False Idols

Muhammad came went to destroy the false idols in the Kaaba. What ISIS needs is their false idol of tyranny destroyed. Systematically killing those who do not belong to your religion must be one of the biggest oxymorons that can take place; these extremists do so much harm in the name of their religion that they disparage the very religion that they claim to fight for. Instead they fight only for domination and power and in doing so they bring the world they live in to ruin. They claim religious authority over all Muslims worldwide, but they do not even correctly follow the precepts of their religion. This point must be made clear to them, but I assume it would fall upon ears unwilling to listen to any criticism of their insanity.

What are the seeds of these groups, and by what means do they gather and commit crimes in the name of religion? Is the Islamic world so tainted with corruption that evil people twist its meanings to accomplish their own ends? I would think so. The people who join and support these groups must be so delusional and caught up in the false glories of their warfare, but what does it take to turn that around and prevent these groups from continually forming?

Islam needs a new prophet and teacher, one like Muhammad, who will come to destroy these falls idols that these extremists bow down to. One who will inspire young Islamic men and women to greatness in virtue instead of the sin and degradation that these extremist leaders inspire them to fall into. One who will make it clear to all that these obsessions and passions of pestilence must be stopped at their source and dealt with firmly. One who will inspire the entire Islamic world to wail in dismay and swiftly put out any inklings of behaviour that resorts to terrorism. To see these groups propagate in the manner that they do is entirely shameful for the Islamic world.

I pray that this sympathetic feeling is put in place by those who have the power to bring justice in that part of the world so wrought with the stigma of undue violence and depravity. It is very much a spiritual battle that requires constant vigilance against those who use religion for selfish and perverted achievements, and it is very much my opinion that the Islamic world certainly needs our prayers and support in the matter.

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