Thursday, August 26, 2010

TV SUCKS : 2010 edition.

So I've been watching TV recently and noticing how most of the people I see are acting like complete noobs, especially in commercials. There's usually some sort of consensus among television programmers about what "the people want to see", and these days much of it is central to the every-day norm of what is somehow considered ordinary, and therefore highly-relatable, people.

Somewhere along the way, traits of innocent stupidity and cherished selfishness have become hallmarks of what we condone, or even celebrate, as ordinary behaviour. It makes sense, though, considering our appreciation of similitude in the people we see who occupy our attention. I certainly appreciate seeing others make the same mistakes I have embarrassingly made, letting me be at least a little bit less uncomfortable with my failures.

The unscripted candidness of the reality TV format has no doubt propelled these situations into the limelight, along with the constantly negative reproach felt just knowing about all the failures of humanity that news and gossip bring to our senses on a nightly basis. I can hardly watch without cringing, perturbed by not only what I am forced to watch as my accumulation of current-event knowledge, but also by what I am not and hardly ever going to get to see on a daily basis. That is, people acting courageously, selflessly, decently, honestly, intelligently and emotionally sympathetic toward each other or even the process and wonder of life itself.

Hereupon the cliches arise, along with opposing sentiments. "Who wants to see the hero win? That's played out. People are interested in seeing the darker reality of the oppressed and the dynamic between contradictory characters." I agree, these are interesting things to see unfold before our passive attention span, while we are comfortably relaxing in front of the screen. When that is all we see, however, and we idolize and reenact it in our own lives.

Most of what I watch on TV is discouraging to my inner desires to find, understand, imitate and replicate beauty. It is so much more infuriating when this media capable of exposing sincerely positive examples of life only has a preference that moves further and further from that.

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Lori Ann said...

You couldn't be more right. Life does not consist of just sitting on ones behind, clicking on the T.V., and watching people live. Life has so much more to offer. I think, and I could be dead wrong here, that people fear meaningful relationship so much so that they would rather stay at home and pretend that the people on the T.V. are really their friends. This is the same incoherent thought that allows people to think they have a close relationship with hollywood stars.

So, yes I do enjoy SOME T.V. programs. I laugh at the sheer idiocy of our "reality t.v. stars." This world has so many things to keep life interesting, and I partake in those as well. If I watched T.V. all the time, I know I wouldn't have the intellect I have, or the vocabulary!