Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Studies in Mysticism

Mysticism, to me, has always seemed a most basic influence to how I envision the ideal unfolding of my internal life. It starts with an enticing curiosity, underlying the attentive focus of what the imagination is lead to seek out about the world outside of itself. What is there that will hold my attention, that will draw me to explore, that will encourage me to share my own discoveries?

There are paths through life-- observed, categorized, practiced and abandoned-- but the lure of wisdom's reward needs no embellishment by wishful thinkers, for whenever the path itself can be realized as the reward for being, a timeless moment ensues. Yet it may leave as easy as it came, as the mind seeks to further justify past confusion still lingering in the mind. The clash leads on, between finding the primal desires of self and beginning to wonder the same of what belongs to others.

Questioning purpose in life becomes a vast chasm of unknowns. Aside from a few instinctual formalities, it seems futile to attempt the wandering mind to 'solve' life and existence from the standpoint of one individual; perhaps not realizing the limited perspective, but still maintaining that it is still worth a try.

Finding the emotional force of purpose within ecstasy, the confirmation of like-mindedness between the ever evolving person of stylized ideas, and the intellectual beauty of perpetual life that builds upon the past into a future of limitless possibilities, becomes a ground to gauge where the convictions of the heart should be guiding each being.

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