Monday, January 25, 2010

Four Host First Nations Welcome

Via The Globe and Mail

When I read this article, it sounded like a nice idea; seeing a too-often stereotyped people in a different light through the wonderful use of montage... but then the video kind of just comes across as being a commerical for the Canadian tourism industry, and of course the 2010 Olympics.

Putting a new face on native culture
The images that flood the mass media typically depict Canada's native population as being the victims of housing or health-care crises and show them struggling with poverty or hidden behind masks in confrontation with authorities.

But headed into the 2010 Olympics the Four Host First Nations have released a new video they hope will recast the face of Canada's aboriginal cultures and inspire a whole generation of young people.


I don't know about a three-minute Youtube clip's ability to "inspire a whole generation of young people", but I'm sure it has happened before; just not in any intended way.

It seems The Globe and Mail hasn't yet figured out how to link to Youtube, so I'll include the video here:

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