Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Profession

I used to be asked by myself and others what I want to be when I grow up, and was told that I needed to go to school in order to be validated as a worker of that profession. While post-secondary education is valuable, it has been made into something accessible mostly to those who think that money is their own property, and that societal status is indicative of true success.

I like money (understand its function in life), but I do not worship (work for) it, because it is a false god (an illusionary representation of true wealth). I enjoy giving it to those who deserve it (need it to survive), because I know what it's like to be too depressed to care about contributing to a society that is stimulated by profit over responsibility (the ability to respond to the needs of others).

My current employment (service that I am paid for): digital media design (websites mostly). I enjoy it, because it helps me learn how to use a computer more efficiently, communicate my ideas with others, solve new problems, follow new sets of instructions, and how to become a reliable person.

Here's a list of some of the other things I profess to be right now, with my interpretation of what they mean to me:

I am a journalist. I enjoy journalling my thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

I am a reporter. I enjoy letting people know what is new in the world.

I am a musician. I enjoy listening to the music of others and letting it influence my own creation of music.

I am an artist. I enjoy the practice of learning how to physically represent my imagination, and finding beauty in the imagination of others.

I am a therapist. I enjoy trying to help others understand the confusion and suffering in their lives.

I am a historian. I enjoy learning history, and making it by documenting what has not yet been documented.

I am a scientist. I enjoy observing, manipulating and contemplating the physical universe.

I am a comedian. I enjoy making people laugh at life.

I am successful. I enjoy learning how to be happy.

I am rich and famous. I own nothing but this universe within myself and anything that I am using for the amount of time that I use it for, and I am loved by others when I share myself and my possessions with them.

I am a philanthropist. I enjoy making others happy.

I am a satanist. I enjoy making myself happy.

I am a clown. I enjoy humiliating myself to make others happy.

I am an anarchist. I enjoy deciding how to live my own life, and am protective of others' right to do the same.

I am an atheist. I enjoy finding ways to admire everything that exists.

I am a mystic. I enjoy learning about and contemplating the undiscovered mysteries of life, both within and outside of myself, and have found a way to discover truth by applying what has been taught by others in my own life.

I am a philosopher. I enjoy discussing my own existence, and debating what others have discovered about their own existence.

I am a prophet. I see the future by knowing both my past and my present, and realizing what my dreams of a perfect future demands of me, and that these dreams are shared by others who are willing to do the same in their own life.

I am a magician. I enjoy finding ways to make dreams come true.


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