Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have taken an interest in the history of paganism, and found this interesting outline of druidism:

Druidism boasts its lack of institutionalized dogma. Each Druid is required only to adopt these Basic Tenets:

* One of the many ways in which the object of Man’s search for religious truth can be found is through Nature.
* Nature, being one of the primary concerns in Man’s life and struggle, and being one of the objects of Creation, is important to Man’s spiritual quests.

In Reformed Druidism, the natural world is personified as the Earth-Mother. The transcendent essence of the universe, working through the natural world, is called Be’al, from a word the ancient Celts applied to an abstract supreme being. The "object of Man’s search" is called "awareness."

The original group were not Neo-Pagan; many would have called themselves Christian or Jewish, and the movement still includes many who do not consider themselves Neo-Pagan. But the principles and ritual were carefully designed not to exclude any particular religious persuasion. From the beginning it was emphasized that religion does not succeed through coercion: people must come to spiritual awareness through their own individual spiritual search. Toward that end the services in the early years frequently drew from many religious traditions, notably Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen Buddhism.

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