Monday, May 11, 2009

"Christ is the soul of protest.
But the protest of what? Of the flesh against the intelligence? No!
Of right against duty? No!
Of the physical against the moral? No! No!
Of imagination against universal reason? Of folly against wisdom? No, a thousand times No, and
once more No!
Christ is the reality, duty, which protests eternally against the ideality, right.
He is the emancipation of the spirit which breaks the slavery of the flesh.
He is devotion in revolt against egoism.
He is the sublime modesty which replies to pride: "I will not obey thee!"
Christ is unmated; Christ is solitary; Christ is sad: Why?
Because woman has prostituted herself.
Because society is guilty of theft.
Because selfish joy is impious."

-Eliphas Levi, Key to the Mysteries

I realised recently that many of my friends are unfamiliar with how to download free music off the internet. I guess in ways, iTunes has made itself more convenient than sifting through the waste that comes up on google when searching for something like "download free music". Others, I suppose, just think it's illegal or unfair to the artist; but while that debate goes on (not the legality part, the part about ripping off artists), let's find a way to help more people get what they want through the wonderful world of modern technology.

Download music for free (for real this time):

Go to Soulseek's website and download the latest client. It's not as popular as before, but there are still a lot of files to search through, which is especially good if you're a fan of the more obscure albums that aren't always hanging around the torrent sites.

Speaking of torrents, they are another source for free hi-quality full albums.'s music category has over 260,000 torrents which will be of some internet to music seekers. I'm not sure of any torrent sites that are musically focused right now, but i can certainly google that for you.

O ya.. add me if you install SoulSeek.. my user name is SubspaceAnomaly.


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how do i add you? my user name is carface

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ha stoked now, -sparrowflyhome