Thursday, April 02, 2009

i had a weird projection this morning.. after waking up and hitting the snooze on my alarm (it was around 9 or 10 am) i thought i would try to exit my body, and i managed to do so easily.. my entire (astral/etheric) body just seemed to vibrate intensely, as i heard a strange kind of wooshing sound..

my vision was dark at first, but i looked at my arms and through the shadowy vision they were half transparent, dark and colourless and had a thin glow around them.. i think i was still halfway out of my body, but the next thing i remember is standing in my room.. eventually my vision started to clear and i looked back at my body and saw myself lying in bed.. i thought to look for the silver cord, but it was hard to focus, and when I tried again to look at where my body was I didn't see it.

like a past projection i had, i recognized the surroundings of my place, but there were also noticeable differences, like it was still a dream.. random objects were misplaced, or other objects, like videos i've never owned, were lying on the floor.. i remember putting my hand through one of the legs of the dining table.. it felt weird, but natural

i wandered back into my room.. i tried to see if i could turn on the light switch, and i remember feeling it click on, but i don't remember much after that.. but when i woke up, the light in my room wasn't on

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Demara said...

huh? were you dreaming? lol :| is this a laughing allowed post or a serious one? I hope it can be a laughing one. I think you were dreaming. Dreaming of quiting smoking maybe? hmmm idk. :p